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Back in the steelhead-fishing hey-day of the early seventies, I spent a lot more time fishing our Northwest Rivers than I spent on the salt water. I was addicted to winter steelhead fishing, sometimes quitting my job with a local timber company just after Thanksgiving, fishing every day the rivers were in shape for the next four months, and looking for work again when April rolled around.

Life was good, but I did, of course, experience hot streaks and cold spells over the course of every season. One of those cold streaks was a week or so when I hooked and lost ten fish in a row , and I was about to go nuts trying to figure out why. Out of desperation, I switched from one brand of hook to another. Although the two were the same size and looked nearly identical at first glance, here at fishingbuyonline.com you will get them in a minute and  there were minute differences in their gap and point length. According to my winter steelhead journal, I landed 11 of the next 12 fish I hooked.

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