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Throwing light baits like fishing reels,

All our  baitcasting reels, or the spinning fishing reals, jigging reels,  trolling reels and other types of fishing reels are now available at our store. A fly reel is a single-action reel, normally operated by stripping line off the reel with one hand, while casting the rod with the other hand. The main purpose of a fly reel is to store line, provide smooth uninterrupted tension (drag) when a fish makes a long run, and counterbalance the weight of your fly rod when casting. When used in fly fishing, the fly reel or fly casting reel has traditionally been rather simple in terms of mechanical construction.

The centrepin  (or centerpincenter pin, or float reel) is one which runs freely enough on its axle (its “centrepin”) to permit distance casting by allowing the line to be drawn off by the momentum of the cast from the rotating reel. The centrepin reel uses a large diameter spool typically mounted to a 12–17 foot.

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